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What to Expect from a Herbal Remedies Doctor

What to Expect from a Herbal Remedies Doctor

If you are tired of using prescription drugs and coping with the various adverse side effects, it might be time to seek a herbal remedies doctor in Houston, TX. The concept of functional medicine is picking up steam in the region, since this form of treatment addresses the mind, body and spirit holistically to deal with problems impacting the “optimal functioning of the body and its organs.” This type of therapy usually makes use of alternative or holistic medicine.

Alternative or functional medicine doctors, such as those practicing at Alternative Health Management, offer tried and tested herbal remedies and other forms of holistic treatment in Houston, TX. If this is your first time with such treatments, here’s a look at what to expect.

What to Expect on the First Visit

  1. A Lot of Talking: You can expect the first visit to be about the doctor learning all about you. The basic idea of the rounds of talk would be to have an understanding of the problem being faced in detail and your current lifestyle and preferences. This helps the doctor reach a conclusion about the root cause of the problem and devise a plan for treatment accordingly.
  2. History: One of crucial elements of practicing functional medicine is exploring your detailed personal and family history. The doctor will be interested in learning more about information such as the circumstances surrounding the first appearance of your symptoms, experiences with other health care providers, etc.
  3. Discussion about Holistic Health: The information collected will further be strengthened with information about your mental well being, spiritual health and social factors as well. Such information helps the physician look at your health holistically and not merely in terms of physical symptoms alone.
  4. Detailed Body Examination: The doctor will also conduct a thorough physical body examination, just like those practicing traditional medicine, to study any visible signs that provide hints about what might be going inside the body and thus affecting you.
  5. Prescribing Medical Tests: No treatment is based on just an external exam. The doctor might need to support their clinical analysis with some tests to suggest a subsequent line of treatment. Based upon the findings of the detailed discussion, the doctor might suggest certain medical tests which will shed more light on the quantitative aspects of the ailment. You will be expected to carry the reports to the next appointment. Sometimes, certain clinics might be facilitated with the required machinery so, the doctor might refer the tests to be done there.

Now based upon the findings, as collated in the previous points; the herbal medicines doctor in Houston, TX, will suggest a unique combination of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements to help you get better.

It has been observed that such physicians prescribe a customized plan, suggesting diet and exercise therapy for treating chronic health issues in children and adults. You can consult one for the treatment of chronic symptoms of all types, including fatigue, sleep problems, pain, weight issues, headaches, nasal congestion and allergies, skin rashes, poor memory and concentration, frequent colds, constipation and much more.

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